While Job Markets Are Drying Up,

Micro-Tasks Are Taking Over The Online World


Your digital assets can be utilized and purchase by our first in class marketing intelligence platform to drive more business. We’ll match your talents, products, and services with over $20.7 Trillion in sales, paid assignments, purchase orders, projects, contracts, and bonuses, and bring the traffic, leads, sales, commissions, residuals, and long term earnings to you. 

Bonuses have expired, but you can still get some for free. "Click Here" Offers subject to quantity limits.

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Purchase Orders

As more and more businesses struggle to keep doors open, purchase orders can help you build a rock solid track record, diversify the assignments, clients, and projects you'll receive, and deliver amazing offers, bonuses, and long-term results, while wowing your clients and customers.

No matter what you plan to offer, after completing the assignment below you can partner with us, diversify the assignments, offers, and earning opportunities you’ll receive, and leverage automation to bring more business to you.

Bonuses have expired, but you can still get some for free. "Click Here" Offers subject to quantity limits.

Get Rewarded For Achieving Your Goals

We leverage your Micro-Tasks, purchase orders, projects, and assignments, and offers to partner with you directly, and help you get your share of the leads, sales, purchases, projects, bonuses, business tools, certifications, and the highest paying assignments generated each day.

After learning the ropes you can target any niche or industry, build your resources then manage or outsource top paying assignments, projects, teams, and accounts for our clients, customers, partners, and your fellow members. 

The Opportunities and Bonuses Keep Getting Better and Better

Your completed assignments, offers, services, and certifications can be seen by up to tens of thousands of marketers, businesses, contractors, affiliates, and potential customers each day.

As new leaders are compelled to action, we’ll expose to your talents, offers, and services to others, and use bonuses, giveaways, events, higher paying assignments, projects, and special offers to incentivize them to purchase from you.

Use Your Account To Target Future Sales, Clients, and Lucrative Opportunities

Source New Offers, Manage Projects and Accounts, Outsource The Work, And Get Paid Quickly.

You can:

1) Connect or live chat with members directly from their profiles.
2) Add members to your team to complete assignments for you.
3) Utilize the offers, talents, and services of others to build networks,  relationships, and win big business.
4) Setup wholesale pricing and manage product shipments.
5) Follow, track, and save stores, inventory, offers, projects, talent, launches, events, and reviews, then take action to get your share.
6) Manage entire projects, assignments, offers, and accounts for others.
7) Create live events to showcase your skills, offers, and talents.

8) Convert less active members into clients, grow their accounts quickly, and share in the profits.   
9) Allow others add your offers to their stores and promote them for you.
10) Track your referrals, earnings, offers, and so much more.

11) Get paid bi-weekly, monthly, and even daily on certain assignments.

Are You Ready To Beat The Competition?

billions In Paid Assignments and purchase Orders Are currently available!

Bonuses have expired, but you can still get some for free. "Click Here" Offers subject to quantity limits.

Complete your first assignment to Partner With Us And Other Members, And Collect Your First Bonus Before time runs out

Unlock the door to over $20.7 Trillion in paying assignments, projects, purchase orders, sales, contracts, consulting fees, advertising, memberships, account management, clients, and more. These are guaranteed earnings.

Complete Your First Micro-Task Or Outsource The Work To Someone Else Below

Tick! Tock! ... The Clock Is Ticking

1) Create A Review For Any Bonus You Want And Get That Offer For Free

Why Reviews?

Product reviews are a cornerstone of most businesses, helping you stand out from the competition, tap into word of mouth marketing, and generate up to tens of thousands in sales each day from others opinions.

Think about It! When you're searching for a product, service, or you need talent to fulfill an assignment, contract, or win a bid, and you'll typically ask for recommendations, referrals, and check out past reviews. Whether you're a consumer or business, everyone loves reviews.

Hint: Choose a bonus that allows you to increase your skills, offer and services you can offer to others, and position your account for success according to your goals.

2. Stand Out With Images

Businesses always need graphics, logos, banners, and all kinds of images to complete their projects, profiles, offer pages, advertisements, and they can pay you or someone on your team if they love your designs.

You can stand out from the rest by creating unique product images, or hire someone to create them for you. If you're not ready to create images of your own, use your favorite search engine to find royalty free images, or use images provided by the product creator on their website.

Add at lease one the image to your review. Product background images should be at least 1000 X 1000 Pixels. You can also add multiple images to your image gallery.

3. Choose A Topic And Create A Review

You Can:

Writing Tips

Hint: Check your emails and notifications regularly for new Assignments, purchase order, projects, and find out if you won Member of the Day. Check out the content of others to spark your creativity.

You Can Even Earn To Proofread Assignments!

Need Help With Your Writing Assignments?


Don't miss out on paid assignments because you haven't completed your first task. When Paid assignments arrive in your inbox, through notifications, or when someone visits your profile, you don't want to miss out on those $5000, $10,000 or even $50,000 opportunities or the chance to partner with top members, because you forgot to complete this task.

Get A 300 Word 100%Professional Human Written Product Review Within 24 Hours Or Less

Grabbing this 300 word 100% human generated product review is just the beginning. Each time you purchase through the network you're assignment will be outsourced to a top member, and we will incentivize them to purchase, outsource assignments, add you to their team and grow your business for you.

Use Artificial Intelligence To Create Human Like Content In Minutes And Modify It To Make It Your Own

Don't be fooled by the name "Super Affiliate AI". This powerful tool has over 3000 prompts that can create humanlike content for your reviews, projects, offer pages, sales funnels, and you can edit and modify this content to make it your own. Let AI do the heavy lifting and knock out your assignments in no time.

Be Sure To Complete Your First Task Before Time Runs Out To Grab Any Bonus For Free

Bonuses have expired, but you can still get some for free. "Click Here" Offers subject to quantity limits.

Collecting Your Bonuses

Action takers receive first access to higher paying assignments, royalties, bonuses, free advertising, and cash payouts, based on completed tasks, referrals, and account activity.

Once completed you will receive an email telling you how to check out your assignments, and collect your bonuses, and you can check your vendor dashboard for sales and cash payouts.

Lock In Your Paid Tasks

Check your inbox or notifications regularly and start earning from paid tasks. We can help you build your earnings, promote your skills and services, build your team, and outsource work to others, but we can't check your messages for you.

Warning! All assignments are time sensitive. Be sure to check your emails and accept the assignments, purchase orders, contracts, and bonuses you want quickly or they will be passed on to another member.

Legal Notice:

To protect all members we reserve the right to disapprove any content that violates our content terms of service. Multiple violations can lead to account suspension and forfeiture of your earnings. Earnings Disclaimer: For legal purposes the information contained herein are for educational purposes only and do not represent a personal guarantee of your earnings, now or in the future.

Traffic Brokers Network is an all in one marketing  intelligence and networking tool.

Allowing members to launch their own stores and match their offers and services with top paying micro-tasks, assignments, projects, contracts, purchase orders, and client opportunities, while incentivizing businesses to purchase and outsource their work to you.

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