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More than 8,500,000 Marketers, Business Owners, Contractors, Service Providers, And Agencies Are Potentially Searching For Someone Like You, As They Prepare For AI Paradigm Shift!

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Our powerful marketing automation and networking platform helps you build past performance, market your offers, talents, and services, and get matched with higher paying assignments, giveaways, bonuses, projects, purchase orders, and selling opportunities around the world.


Multiple ways to start

Getting Started Is 100% Free For A Limited Time

We’ll use real time giveaways, assignments, projects,. purchase orders, bonuses, free advertising, and selling opportunities to help you build your marketing, business, and networking experience. 

Reclaim more time, ad spend, and location freedom, and enjoy daily, bi-weekly and monthly pay.


leverage everything you do

Leverage The Paid Assignments, Projects, Giveaways, and Purchases Of Others To Fuel Your Success

We position your offers, talents, services, and experience in front of marketers, businesses, and agencies that need your help, and give them a powerful incentivize to purchase, outsource, and refer others to you. 


sell more offers

Billions In Assignments, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Giveaways, And Selling Opportunities Are Available Each Day

Tap into the offers, talents, services, projects, and purchase orders of others.

Allowing you to outsource the work, and get your share of the assignments, purchase orders, projects, and selling opportunities, of fellow members. 

Test it out for free! Different user types.

Why Wait?

When You Can Get Started 100% Free For A Limited Time.

Billions In Available Business And .Gov Spending

Members can use the network to get matched with ongoing assignments, projects, purchase orders, talent, contracts, free advertising, bonuses, giveaways, selling opportunities, and more.

Verify qualified talent, offers and services, outsource assignments and projects to others, win more clients, purchase orders, partnerships, and potential investment opportunities through your efforts. 

Let Marketing Intelligence And Top Industry Incentives Drive More Earnings For You

Members can network with top businesses through their vendor store. 

Enjoy huge discounts, on the latest products and service, get these items for free through sponsored ads, partnerships, exclusive rights, purchase orders, and licensing agreements, and let us incentivize them to work for you.


You can use these items to market your business, motivate others, add them to your store, and win higher paying contracts, assignments, projects, bonuses, purchase orders, and more just for helping others. 

Freelancers Get Hired

Businesses get access to new opportunities, free advertising, and earn more with us by helping you succeed.


Members can discover your talents, contact you directly from your profile, and add you to their team to get access to higher paying assignments, purchase orders, partnerships, and more.

We Aggregate Offers Talent And Incentives

Our marketing automation platform aggregates your past performance, offers, talents, and services while matching you with higher paying projects, assignments, purchase orders, talent, and selling opportunities, and incentivizing others to promote, outsource, and purchase from you. 

Dominate The AI Sales Revolution And Let Viral Networking, Gamification, And Your Past Results, Do The Selling For You!

– No Experience Needed –

News: The Marketing Revolution Is Here

Whether You're Ready Or Not...

Follow The News or Follow The Money

Guarantee Your Share Of The "$20.7 Trillion" In Business and Government Spending And Beat The Competition

82% of businesses will fail while desperately searching for a solution, throwing good money at bad marketing, but smart marketers are leveraging AI, top talent, contracts, partnerships, and purchase orders, building their credit, capital, and connections, diversifying their earnings, and providing long-term solutions to their customers clients, and teams to win the game.

Now you can tap into this multi-trillion dollar pool of sales, royalties, investments, contracts, bonuses, paid assignments, and tax advantages that derive from these projects, fulfillment, credit purchases, advertising, and business management solutions, and earn even more when you pass on them on to others.

Turn Banks Into Your Friends

Banking and lending institutions extend higher credit limits, and earn back interest based on your solid transaction and payback history.


By leveraging credit to fuel these lucrative opportunities businesses can snatch up future purchase orders, projects, promotions, investments, contracts, partnerships, and assignments, then outsource work to others (like you).

Where can you go to find the offers, opportunities, and talent you need? It’s The Traffic Brokers Network.

Powerful Business, Tax, and Charitable Advantages

The most powerful aspect of owning your own business and Marketing Automation is you and your fellow members can partner with the government and write off many legitimate business expenses, which can include:

  • > Business Advertising
  • > Charitable Donations,
  • > Your Home Office
  • > Accounting Services
  • > Branded Freebies,
  • > Bonuses, Contests, and Giveaways,
  • > Work Related Vehicles,
  • > Business Travel, Hotels, Meals, and Expenses,
  • > Business Events, And Conferences,
  • > Business Purchases and Equipment,
  • And So Much More.

Notice. Please check with a qualified CPA or qualified tax officer in your state, country, or jurisdiction for a list of all legitimate deductions available to you.  

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