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Create And Market Digital Assets For Yourself Clients, Customers, and Fellow Members. Let Marketing Automation Match Your Offers, Talents, and Services With Over $20.7 Trillion In Paying Assignments, Purchase Orders, Projects, Bonuses, Leads, And Contracts, And Even Manage The Accounts, Payouts, Projects, Purchase Orders, Or Contracts Of Others, And Outsource The Work From Your Vendor Store.

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Create your vendor store and get matched with paid tasks, bonuses, projects, and purchases orders that you can complete, manage, or outsource to others while learning the ropes.

We help you build past performance, launch top offers, build lists, network with others, and get your share of the billions in assignments, residual income, sales, clients, bonuses, commissions, and incentives being produced.




Start managing stores, tasks, projects, purchase orders, and contracts for others directly through the network.

Build teams, accounts, and launch offers for other members, and earn up to 25% commissions from the sales, bonuses, referrals, purchases, projects, contracts, and residuals they produce.




Enjoy all the benefits of Basic and Starter plans, plus manage up to 20 vendor accounts, projects, purchase orders, contracts, or offers at once.

Receive higher paying assignments, bonuses, projects, clients, and more, then outsource work to the members of your team.  





Build huge teams to manage major accounts, projects, product or business launches, contracts, purchase orders, and more.

Earn 50% on all membership referrals each month, and 25% from their referrals as well.  Outsource work to others, and collect your share from their efforts. 

Feature And Benefits


Account and Tools

Access To Micro-Task and Assignments

daily, bi-weekly, and monthly payouts

Account Verification

Enjoy Bonuses, Incentives, Residuals

Advertise On Member Pages

Attract Affiliates and Advertisers

Add member offers to your store

Work Globally

Add Team Members

Manage Multiple Accounts  or Store

create and Sell Stores To others

Manage Network Projects

outsource work to others

manage Network Clients

manage up to 5 stores

manage up to 20 stores

manage up to 50 stores

per month

per month

per month

- Need A Custom Marketing Plan, Special Project, Account Management, Or More Personalized Services? Please Contact Support.-

Frequently asked questions:

The Traffic Brokers Network helps you drive initial sales and build past sales performance with your own branded storefront. 

We use micro-tasks, assignments, purchase orders, projects, affiliates, and referrals, to generate more business, then outsource the work to you. 


We then help you leverage your past performance to get your share of the $20.7 trillion in assignments, purchase orders, partnerships, projects, contracts, bonuses, and incentives available on the open market. 


You can begin by performing tasks for the network, clients, and other members, increase your knowledge and experience through training and certifications, or leverage our advertising services to promote your offers, and let us in incentivize others to purchase from you.


You can also earn from the efforts of your referrals and the referrals of others, and start networking to generate consistent income each month.


Simply complete your micro-tasks, assignments, purchase orders, contracts, projects to receive your earnings, bonuses, and higher paying tasks, then start managing accounts, and outsourcing work to others.


Please review the tutorial guide sent to your email to learn of the many opportunities available to you.

There are multiple ways to receive payouts. All payouts will depend on membership type, sale, commission, contract, bonus type, partnership, and account activity, and will be paid to you either daily, bi-weekly or monthly. 

You can withdraw payouts from your “Back Office” on a Bi-weekly basis. Simply login and click the “Withdraw” link. 

Daily payouts and cash bonuses will be paid out automatically. Daily payouts will only be distributed based on the assignments type, and only after verification that the assignments is complete. 

Referral commissions are paid out once per month. Some bonuses may require shipping and handling and may take longer to receive.

The prices you charge are completely up to you, but you should take many factors in to consideration, such as:

– Your membership plan

– How many accounts you and/or your team can manage,
– Current earnings being generated by your store, 
– If you plan to offer additional services, such as store management, projects per month, etc. 

For instance, if you already have a store that generates $5,000 per month, you can sell this account for $12,000- $15,000, plus offer a separate fee to manage and continue to grow the store for, or chare a percentage of total sales, residuals, etc. 

Note: In order to transfer stores to others, you must post it as an offer to your store. We will waive any offer fees if the store sells within 30 days, minus a 10% service fee to transfer the store to the new member. 

Free account holders may not sell their personal store. Check out our membership plans and choose how many stores you’d like to build and manage before you take action.  

No experience is needed to start earning with us including building past sales and account management performance, completing assignments and projects, and purchase orders and collecting bi-weekly and monthly earnings and bonuses. 

However top paying assignments, projects, purchase orders, contracts, and partnerships may require experience or the ability to outsource the work to others members. 

You can increase your chances of managing more top paying opportunities by maintaining account activity which can include posting offers to your store, adding and working with other members and/or teams, partnering with others, performing tasks, winning member of the day, and managing your store effectively.

Please review the tutorial guide sent to you via email to learn the many ways you can earn.

Yes, there’s multiple ways to hire someone to manage your store, projects, outsource, and shortcut your path to success.

  1. You can contact support and tell us about your goals, assignment, or project in detail, and someone from support will contact you with a list of top vendors or we can outsource it for you.

  1. If you find a member that meets your qualifications, you can contact them directly from their profile.
  1. If you visit a product or service page you’ll notice the option to send a message to the page. 


The Traffic Brokers Network is here to ensure that projects, contracts, and assignments are completed in a timely manner and everyone gets paid.

Managing or outsourcing projects, assignments, or contracts to others outside the Traffic Brokers network poses huge risks to you, and can result in loss of earnings and account restrictions if an assignments, purchase order, or project is not delivered properly.


You as a member, partner, or client assume all liability for loss of earnings or investment.

Our Assignments, projects, and in house tasks come from an array of member, network, and client based purchases, and services.


Our services include: 


– Consulting Services

– Project and Contract management

– Sales and Marketing 

– Copywriting

– Project outsourcing

– Network Advertising

– Credit Building 

– Contest and Giveaway Launch 

– Product Launch

– Offer Management 


We partner with members in a limited capacity and offers strategic marketing and management partnerships based on your offers, account activity, completed tasks, active team members, and network experience.

The more active you are on the network the more bonuses, assignments, partnerships, purchase orders, and earnings you can potentially generate.  

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Traffic Brokers Network is an all in one marketing  intelligence and networking tool.

Allowing members to launch their own stores and match their offers and services with top paying micro-tasks, assignments, projects, contracts, purchase orders, and client opportunities, while incentivizing businesses to purchase and outsource their work to you.

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