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The Traffic Brokers Network matches your offers, talents, and services, and uses powerful incentives to help you secure new business, build past performance, and keep the giveaways, assignments, projects, purchase orders, and free advertising for yourself.

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Whether you want to collect free products, services, and business tools, sell your offers and services, or complete assignments for others, we help you get your share. 

Simply check your emails to secure the latest opportunities, complete tasks for the network or other vendors, or sell your offers and services through the network, and bring higher paying assignments, purchase orders, projects, bonuses, and selling opportunities to you.

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Now that you know where the money is, you can start receiving giveaways, assignments, purchase orders, projects, and bonuses, while leveraging the needs, services, and selling opportunities they produce to win the game.

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We help you build past performance, and match your offers, talents, and services with higher paying assignments, projects, purchase orders, partnerships, bonuses, contracts, and selling opportunities.


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*Sponsored giveaways are offered through exclusive licenses, limited rights, and partnership agreements and are subject to change without notice. Get yours today.

Pixa Studio

Media and Design App

Regular Price $38

With 22 Million Multimedia Assets including stock images, vector graphics, animated gifs, icons, and stickers, you can create custom backgrounds, and images for your store, projects, and even sell them to other members.

ADA Compliance App

Web Compliance Tools

Regular Price $247

Users are generating up to $50,000 per month with this revolutionary web compliance software tool. Get it 100% free with your first task, skip the yearly price, and grab one the most lucrative compliance tools on the market.

Coursesify Suite

Create Amazing Courses

Regular Price $97

Course creators are spending up to $10,000 for their website and course creation services. Use the network and Coursesify Suite to get your share of a whopping $398 Billion dollar industry. 


Replicate Profitable Ads

Regular Price $247

Design profitable ad campaigns by tapping into millions of successful Facebook ads in any niche and replicate them in your own store to attract new, clients, customers, and fellow members to you. 

Augment Suite

Augment Reality Tools

Regular Price $78

Freelancers are earning up to  $400 to create augmented reality experiences for product owners and ecommerce brands Add this to your list of services, excite your clients, and attract more long-term earning opportunities. 

Kiire Instagram App

Automate Instagram Accts,

Regular Price $39

Upsell Instagram management as a service and automate the sharing process with KIIRE. You can automate accounts, search trending topics, bulk message users, find hashtags, create templates, bulk comment, reply, like, and DM automatically.  

Story Reels App

Create Vertical Videos

Regular Price $67

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tic-toc are racing to corner the vertical video marketplace. Create vertical videos for businesses, clients, and fellow members, earn up to $3800 a pop, and take the work off their hands.

Stream Reels App

Live Stream Simulcasting

Regular Price $39

Simulcast any Live Stream, prerecorded video, webinar, or training on 44 video platforms at once, Help your customers and clients sell or get the word out across multiple platforms and beat the competition. 

YT Suite Pro

Profitable YouTube Ads

Regular Price $39

Create high converting Youtube ad campaigns and lead capture pages, and submit them to Adwords with the help of YT Suite Pro. Sell these lucrative services to others and even charge a monthly fee. 

ReVideo App

Video Creation App

Regular Price $39

Our members, and clients need mind blowing video editing, captions, animations, memes, audios to sell more products, services, and, courses. Revideo puts hundreds of templates at your fingertips so you can complete assignments quickly. 

FOMO Clips

3D Aminations Ads

Regular Price $67

Add Fomo Clips to your video  and ad creation arsenal and wow you’re customers, clients, and fellow members with what you create. You’ve never seen animations like this. Add them to videos and ads in minutes with just a few clicks. 

Copymatic App

Copywriting Assistant

Regular Price $49

When you can’t find the right  words or simply need some inspiration, you can use this powerful copywriting app as your assistant. Generate powerful marketing ideas for reviews, sales pages, products descriptions, and more.

QR Verse App

Create Stunning QR Codes

Regular Price $47

Start creating fully customized QR codes for others to get your foot in the door. These QR Codes can drive visits, leads, sales, calls, open maps, wi-fi access and more. Giveaway QR codes to businesses, and watch repeat sales come in.

SmartWriterr App

AI Copywriting Assistant

Regular Price $37

This powerful copywriting tool can help you write ads, emails, headlines, VSL’s, sales letters, and webinar scripts in minutes.  Use Smart-Writerr to finish more projects, assignments, and collect your earnings faster.

Doodle Video App

Whiteboard Animation App

Regular Price $39

Whiteboard animation videos  attract and hold attention more than nearly any other form of media. These engaging videos can land customers for you when you use them as part of your overall earning strategy. 

Writers Arc

Sales Copy Software

Regular Price $37

It can cost businesses hundreds if not thousands to create professional articles, blog post, sales pages, product reviews, and descriptions, and you can use this powerful writing assistant to get your share. 

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Traffic Brokers Network is a first in class sales and marketing automation platform.


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