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"Where You Can Help Give Away Millions Of The Latest Products, Services, And Business Tools, And Grab Your Favorite Offers, Bonuses, Cash, Free Advertising, And More, And Even Automate The Process"

Companies Are "Giving Away" Billions In Top Offers, Bonuses, And Cash Each And Every Year

And we help you get your share, give them away to others, take your offers, talents, and services to the next level, and generate long-term earnings in the process. 

After choosing your first bonus, you can rack up to thousands in giveaways, paid assignments, cash, bonuses, commissions, free advertising and more each week. 

There Are Also Millions Of Social Media Managers, Influencers, TicTokers, And Youtubers Eager To Monetize Their Audiences, And You Can Use Viral Giveaways To Earn From Their Success.

Choose Your Rewards

Before You Share

Each time you share something with others you can collect a reward, and the more you share, the more you’ll qualify for higher paying offers, bonuses, assignments, free advertising, and more.

You’ll also earn up to 25% commissions from each purchase made by your referrals, 10% from everyone they refer as well, and the best part is you can automate the process, and do the same for everyone you refer. 

Get Instant Rewards

Check your emails for the latest giveaways, assignments, rewards, bonuses, purchase orders, sales, and projects, and you can grab them instantly, when you share them with others, complete a task, or reach a milestone.

The Traffic Brokers Network helps generate earnings for you based on your account activity, so don’t forget to grab your giveaways, bonuses, and paid assignments quickly, and vote for the offers you want next. 

Action Rewards

Keep the rewards, bonuses, and assignments coming in and use them to multiply your success.

You can:
Partner or outsource the work to businesses, fellow members, influencers, marketers, and social media managers,

> Use your bonuses and giveaways to motivate and drive more business, and receive up to thousands in new assignments, purchase orders, bonuses, free advertising, and more based on your account activity.

"Start Collecting Rewards"

- All You Have To Do Is Share Your Link Along With Any Giveaway, And You Can Earn From The Millions In Earnings These Campaigns Can Produce, Start Managing Accounts For New Members, Outsource The Work, And Leverage Bonuses And Giveaways To Sell More Products and Services -

Fast Action Rewards

3 For One Rewards

Collect your first bonus by referring 5 members to the network. You can even exchange qualifying bonuses, giveaways, and rewards for cash, give them away to motivate, or sell them to others. 


Grab one business tools when your first three referrals completes a test assignment, refers five active members, or makes a purchase). *

Zero Action Rewards

Don’t have time to share?

Purchase the offers you need inside the network, and grab qualifying products, services, bonuses or cash rewards, and referral points towards free products and services. 

Remember, you can earn for simply checking your emails consistently, rack up thousands in cash, new offers, and paid tasks, referral points, and outsource the sharing to others.

Networking Rewards

Share and vote for the offers, services of fellow members and you can collect up to thousands in offers, bonuses, special offers, discounts, and cash, especially when your actions lead to a purchase.

Grab more offers, bonuses, assignments, and commissions by using your vote, while we encourage others to return the favor. 

Double Your Bonuses

When you purchase your first  product or service posted to the network from a fellow members website, you can collect a single qualifying bonus from us:

If purchase the same offer directly from their Vendor Store, you can collect two or more qualifying bonuses, and qualify for higher paying giveaways, assignments, special offers, and more. 

Business Rewards

Free Advertising

Whether you refer new members, or purchase products and services from your fellow vendors, you can start earning bonuses, cash, paying assignments, purchase orders, free advertising and more. 

Your offers can receive thousands of daily visitors from a single campaign while we incentivize new users to purchase from you. You can also sell your free ads to others, or turn them into bonuses from your vendor store.

Boost Your Payouts

Earn 25% commissions from each referral purchase. Simply complete your test assignment or make a purchase to start receiving 25% commissions on all referral purchases.


Grab up thousands in business tools account upgrades, and over $2500 in bonuses when you purchase any offer from the overview page.   

Assignment Bonuses

Complete your Paid Assignments, Purchase orders, and Projects on or before the deadline, and you can collect up to thousands in cash, bonuses, rewards,. free advertising, access to higher paying assignments, projects, purchase orders, and so much more.

Instant Bonuses


Instant bonuses are sponsored by customers, clients, the network, and your fellow members to motivate and help you to achieve your goals.  


You can receive network and sponsored bonuses instantly when you complete an action such as liking a post, sharing, attending a webinar, partnering with others, or for simply giving an offer away to your audience. 

Getting your share is easy!

Help Us Give Away Millions Of Products And Services And Grab Your Favorite Offers, Bonuses, Drive Earnings, And More

Simply create your account to track your earnings, and start collecting rewards today.

Check your emails for the latest giveaways, assignments, bonuses, free advertising, purchase orders, projects, and selling opportunities. 

Grab offers instantly or share them with others, and start collecting higher paying offers, cash, assignments, and more based on your account activity. 

How will you use your rewards?

Now you can finally put all those products, services, and business tools you’ve purchases to work on one single platform. 

Rack up to thousands in new products, services, business tools, cash, bonuses, assignments, commissions, and free advertising each week, then use them to dominate leaderboards, drive more business, or sell to others. 

Remember, you can outsource the sharing process once you build your earnings, and start using the bonuses, giveaways, and rewards you receive to motivate, and drive more business.  

Ready To Save time And Get The Ball Rolling Let others do the sharing for you!

Traffic Brokers Network is a first in class sales and marketing automation platform. 


Allowing you to get your favorite products, services, and business tools for free,  launch vendor stores and match your offers, talents, and services with the top paying assignments, projects, purchase orders, bonuses, and selling opportunities in the world.

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