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Introducing MAVAS

Mavas is a Multifunctional Virtual Assistant that can help complete your tasks, boost your earnings, assignments, free ads, and purchase orders, or you can exchange your copy for

"Up To Thousands In Cash."

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" Choose Your Rewards Then Share The Giveaway Of The Week, And Start Collecting Up To Thousands In Cash, Bonuses, Paying Assignments, Purchase Orders, Free Advertising And More"

You Can Even Win Giveaway Of The Week

Multiple Ways To Win

Rack Up To Thousands In Rewards, Cash, Ads, And Referrals.

Share your referral  link and the latest giveaways with others, or complete any action below to grab your rewards. 

Getting Started

You can grab the latest offers, free advertising, bonuses, paid assignments, and purchase orders based on your account activity. Keep them for yourself, sell them to others, give them away, and earn from everyone you refer. 

 Get The Most Reward Points To Win The Grand Prize: 

$12,397 VALUE

Grab Your Rewards

Earn 200 -1000 Points Instantly

Get 200 entry points just for sharing, Start building your team and we’ll help them build their earnings, complete paying assignments, purchase orders, earn giveaways, bonuses, and duplicate your success.

You can create links for any content or offer posted inside the network, and receive 1000 points just for sharing, while earning from the actions of your team.. 

Share your link consistently throughout this campaign and receive 1000 referral points.

Earn Commissions: 500 Points

Boost your commissions to 25% for each person you refer by completing a simply test assignment. 

You’ll generate earnings each time they makes a purchase, and start receiving higher paying advertisements, projects, purchase orders, bonuses, and more.

Outsource assignments, projects, and purchase orders using your team, and we’ll incentivize them to return the favor and boost the projects you receive. 

Networking Rewards 500 - 5000 Points

Share, vote, save, or purchase  the offers and services of fellow members and you can collect up to thousands of referral points especially when your action leads to a purchase.

You’ll receive higher paying giveaways, offers, bonuses, assignments, and free ads based on your account activity. 

Leverage the bonuses, giveaways, and projects you receive to boost your earnings, help others, or keep them for yourself. 

Earn Up To 2000 Points

Share your honest experiences and results with the network, clients, and fellow members, and collect up to two thousand points. 

Your opinions matter. 

You can share your bonuses, projects, earnings, giveaways, and experiences with others, and help improve our services. 

You’ll receive 500 points for written testimonials, 750 for testimonials with pictures, and 2000 for a video testimonials.  

Earn 2000 Points Plus Free Ads

Ready to launch your video career? 

Create exclusive videos helping others generate referrals, bonuses, assignments, and purchase orders, inside the network, and earn 2500 referral point plus free sitewide promotions*.  

We’ll use bonuses, incentives, and points to motivate others to share your videos and help you go viral. You can also start selling your video, edit, design, consulting, and related services, and be first in line for video assignments, projects, and purchase orders. 

Double Your Bonuses 100 - 10,000 Points

When you purchase a product or service from members websites, you can collect a single qualifying bonus from the network, and earn up to 5000 points during this giveaway.

When you purchase the same product or service posted to their Vendor Store, you can collect two or more bonuses, up to 10,000 referral points, and qualify for higher paying giveaways, assignments, purchase orders, and bonuses, and we’ll even incentivize others to purchase and outsource to you. 

Business Rewards

Earn 100 - 2500 Referral Purchase Points With Purchase

You can win the ultimate giveaway, bonuses, free advertising, purchase orders and free memberships and other powerful incentives through the actions of your referrals, which is why you should help them succeed. 

You’ll earn up to 1000 referral points each time one of your referrals makes a purchase on the site, and earn 500 referral points when they purchase MAVAS via the Giveaway Of The Week, and 2500 points when you purchase it yourself. 

Earn 1000 Points With Purchase Plus

Start using bonuses to motivate others to join your team make purchases, complete assignments, or any action you need. You’ll receive 1000 referral points, $2500 in bonuses, plus a free ad in the giveaway campaign when you post it to the network.  

How? When you purchase any offer from the Overview Page, and give them away as a bonus, you can collect up to $2500 in products, upgrades, and bonuses, and leverage the traffic being generated each day. 

Earn 10000 Points Plus Free Ads, Bonuses And More.

The Traffic Brokers Network is all about helping others achieve their goals and the more you help other members succeed the more points you can earn. 

You’ll earn 1000 referral points each time you help 3 of your referrals get 5 referrals, and earn 500 hundred points each time one of your referrals helps someone else.

You’ll also receive a Free Ad each time you and your referrals get a total of 100 referrals, or when 50 of your referrals makes a purchase.

More Rewards

Grab Two Software Bonuses and Up To 2500 Point

Grab Any Offer from the overview page or Qualifying Giveaway you receive via email when you purchase Mavas below. 


When you give away your copy of Mavas as a bonus you’ll receive an extra 1500 entry points, and get your first sitewide bonus ad for free. 

You can even give away your copy and collect it from another member by taking action. 

Grab Up To 5000 Point Bonuses, And More

Vote, Share, And Save your favorite offers, earn up to 5000 points, and let us know what offers you want to receive next. 

Create your account where you can vote, share, and save the products and services you love and help decide who wins offers, bonuses, and free promotions, and by taking action you can become member of the day. 

Simply like, share, save, leave reviews or comments on the offers you love. 

Earn 1500 Points and Free Advertising Of Your Offer

Outsource the sharing to an  active referral partner inside the network, and let them do the sharing for you. 

Not only will you free up your time to focus on other things, you can choose from 3 qualified referral partners, tap into their audience, get 1500 entry points automatically, and let them drive more conversions for you. 

Don’t Forget To Vote For The Giveaways You Want, Help Push Them To The Top, And Start Getting Yours For Free.

Get Your Share

Join the #1 viral marketing, giveaway platform and business networking community. Start completing simple online task, and get your share of top paying assignments, bonuses, giveaways, offers, contracts, royalties, and long term earnings, while it’s still free. 

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